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  • Tube Winder Squeezer Dispenser 3 Pack

    Tube Winder Squeezer Dispenser 3 Pack

    3 Pack of Toothpaste or Ointment Tube.  Run the tube through the squeezer and get everything out of the tube Economical - Pay for this in 2-3 uses! Can be used on metal or plastic squeeze items Use with ointment tubes, toothpaste tubes, food...

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  • Modern 7 Day Pill Organizer

    Modern 7 Day Pill Organizer

    -Modern stylish design of an old standby weekly pill organizer. -Generous capacity. -The overall unit measures approximately 7.5 inches long, 2 inches wide, 1.125 inches deep. Each of the Monday through Friday compartments is approximately 1.75 inches...

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  • 8 compartment pill organizer 8 Compartment Vitamin Container Bonus Size

    8 Compartment Vitamin Container Bonus Size

    *  Easy to open lids. *  The extra 8th compartment is twice as big as the others. *  Conatiner is 5" L x 2.75" W x 1" Deep *  Contour compartments make it easy to get pills out. *  Translucent, durable plastic so you can tell...

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  • Track up to 14 weeks.

    Daily Diabetic Journal

    -Convenient way to carry and store your diabetic information. -Maintain blood glucose levels. -Record daily insulin doses. -Track and record your glucose levels daily for up to 14 weeks to help take control of your diabetes. -Easy format for anybody...

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  • Comfortable foam ear plugs. Foam Ear Plugs with Case

    Foam Ear Plugs with Case

                              -Foam ear plugs protect hearing by reducing harmful noise. -Noise reduction rating: 29 decibels (when used as directed). -Reusable or disposable...

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  • Paw print pet pill case. Only Orange and Green available

    Pet Paw Print Pill Case- Item 62991

    -Paw print pet pill case. -Interior divided into two compartments. -Available in green, pink, and orange. -The entire case is approximately 2.75 inches by 2.75 inches, 1/2 inch deep. -Manufacturer's Item 62991 -Quantity discounts available, see...

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  • Syringe magnifier.

    Syringe Magnifier

    -Syringe magnifier easily clips on and off syringes. -Magnifies markings for easy reading. -Fits 1 cc or 1/2 cc syringes. -Helps avoid dosage error. -Approximately 2 inches long, 1/2 inch wide. -Shown clipped on 1 ml syringe, syringe not included...

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