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Pocket and Purse Small Pill Boxes

  • English or Spanish Seven Sided Pill Organizer 7 day seven side pill box

    English or Spanish Seven Sided Pill Organizer

    -A convenient weekly pill organizer. -Seven sides each labeled in large print and braille for each day of the week. --The overall unit is approximately 3 inches wide, 5/8 inch high. Each individual compartment is approximately 1.25 inches long at...

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  • Available in Green, Blue, Purple and Clear colors only Can be put in your purse.

    AM PM Twice a Day Pill Organizer - Item 67375

    -One of our most popular pill boxes due to it sizes and our colors. -Pill organizer holds a week's worth of medication in two compartments for each day. -Each of the 14 individual compartments is labeled as shown. -Rounded bottoms for easy pill...

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  • Handy sized pocket pill box.

    Pocket Size Round Fashion Gold Pill Box

    -Handy sized pocket pill box. -Low profile for pocket use. -Securely snaps shut. -Click on image to see more detail. -The interior is approximately 1 7/8 inch diameter, 3/8 inch deep. -Blue, yellow or white, select below. -Manufacturers Item...

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  • Daily Diabetic Journal Track up to 14 weeks.

    Daily Diabetic Journal

    -Convenient way to carry and store your diabetic information. -Maintain blood glucose levels. -Record daily insulin doses. -Track and record your glucose levels daily for up to 14 weeks to help take control of your diabetes. -Easy format for anybody...

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  • Key Ring Tiny Nitroglycerin Case- Item 67022 Key Ring Tiny Nitroglycerin Case- Item 67022

    Key Ring Tiny Nitroglycerin Case- Item 67022

    -The smallest nitroglycerine pill box we can find! -The exterior of the case is approximately 1 1/8 inch long, 3/8 inch diameter. -Solid metal. -Each holds 7-8 nitroglycerin tablets. -Rubber o-ring seal OR internal gasket make it air tight and...

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  • Clear is no longer available and replaced by purple AM/PM Pocket Purse Pill Box

    AM/PM Pocket Purse Pill Box

    -Click on image to see more detail. -AM/ PM pill box.  One compartment holds approximately 25 aspirin tablets. -See through tinting so you can see the contents. -Rounded base makes pill retrieval easy. -Snap shut lids stay secure in a pocket or...

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  • Pill Pouch zipper bags, 100 count. Available in a 2.0 or 2.6 ml thickness

    Pill Bags, 100 Pack Plastic Zip Pill Pouch

    -Handy pill bags to organize pills! -PLEASE NOTE: Ezy Dose has reduced the thickness of the plastic from what has been used in the past. They may not be the same as what you have used before with the Ezy Dose brand.  We have a house brand that is 2...

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